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Taxation & accounting

To successfully compete today, keeping proper accounting, tax and compliance records is essential.

Business success in a foreign country often depends on how one deals with local tax policies. In Korea, government provides certain tax privileges to foreigners to attract investment and businesses. For example, a foreign professional may choose the flat tax rate for his or her personal income. Also, foreign investors qualified for certain business types and/or minimum investment amount can enjoy generous tax credits in Free Economic Zones(FEZ), Free Investment Zones(FIZ), Free Trade Zones(FTZ) and special industrial complexes. For more customized tax and accounting related information, download our brochure at the bottom of this page or refer to our Insights section. You can also contact us directly.

We provide Taxation & Accounting administrative services. The following is the list of services provided upon request.

  • Bookkeeping & VAT filing
  • Yearly Tax filing (corporate, year-end salary)
  • Payroll Service
  • Financial reporting service
  • Online Banking ePayments (salary payment, national insurance fees, withholding tax, rent fees) & Electronic tax invoice issuance
  • Assistance in Tax audits
  • Document form supply (e.g. Labor contract)

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