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Doing business in Korea starts with establishing a local corporate entity.

Establishing a legal corporate entity in Korea is the first step to doing business in Korea. The following is the procedure for setting up the most common form of corporate entity in Korea: a local corporation as a stock company.

Incorporation Process

Each step requires different set of documents and registration method. When all the documents are prepared, incorporation and acquisition of business license take around 7-21 days.

However, there are also other types of legal entities and corporations that a foreigner can establish to do business in Korea. We provide customized services for each different case of incorporation. The following is the list of incorporation services that we provide.

  • Finding an adequate office, shop, or factory
  • Setting up a Branch office & Liaison office (instead of a local corporation)
  • Setting up a Limited Liability Company (instead of a stock company)
  • Acquiring government approval for business that requires additional preparation

For more information on setting up a business entity in Korea, you may download our A Guide to Doing Business in Korea at the bottom of this page. You can also refer to our Insights section for more detailed information for each step.

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